Rose Wallace Ceramics

Rose Wallace, Selected Member of the Craft Potters’ Association since 2010.

Artist Statement
The discarded object, whether it be a vintage domestic item, a mudlarked find loaded with meaning, even a piece of plastic packaging are all relevant to my process; to make comment on mass consumerism within contemporary society. I employ the found object by first casting it to make a press mould. My Flatbacks narratives can be a time consuming process, made of anything up to fifty separate elements using Creamware, press moulded, animated and joined at the leather-hard stage. To reinforce the language of the past, I make my own lead-rich glazes from a traditional formula with high bisque, low glost firing. More recently, in addition to creating purely ceramic pieces, I have been drawn to making ceramic narratives which encompass the original object. I believe this loads the artwork with wider questions relating to consumerism with notions of authenticity status and ownership. 

Education and Awards
Works “Buoyant” and “Pulling Together” purchased for the Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum. 2020
Works purchased for Cannon Hall Ceramics Collection, Barnsley Museum. 2018
Work gifted to The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation for the Arts, London. 2018
Works selected for The Ken Stradling Study Collection Museum, Bristol. 2014
Works selected for ‘Subversive Ceramics’ by C. Clare, Bloomsbury Academic Publications. 2015
Included in ‘Studio Potters’ Marks’ revised by J. Hazlewood, Bloomsbury Academic Publications. 2015
Short-listed for interview, A.H.R.C. funded PhD Studentship; ‘Ceramics in the Expanded Field’. 2011
Craft Potters’ Association, London, selected for professional membership. 2010
Artist in Residence, Buckinghamshire New University. 2008 – 2011
‘Bingeing Britain: “A Binge Birds Progress” in the permanent collection at the Grimmerhus Museum, Denmark. 2009
Residency on ‘Network Project’ International Ceramic Research Centre, Denmark. 2008
Awarded The Arts Council Lottery funding for Denmark Residency. 2008
Ceramics and Glass B.A. 1st Class Honours Degree Buckinghamshire New University. 2002-2008
Awarded the ‘B.N.U. Prize’ for highest dissertation mark within the School of Design & Craft. 2008
Awarded the ‘Ede & Ravenscroft Prize’ for high university achievement through adversity. 2008
Co-curated ‘Vessels & Views’ John Piper & Studio Ceramics, Buckinghamshire Museum. 2005
Received the ‘Medal of Excellence’. Awarded by City & Guilds of London. 2000
City & Guilds Ceramics parts 1 & 2. 1998-2002